Top Resume Tips 2019

The Importance of a Great Resume

The resume is often the first thing that the recruiter will read and as such it must make a perfect first impression while clearly showing you are the right person to invite for an interview. Its purpose is only that, to get you an invitation to interview, it is not there to communicate everything about your entire life story. This is why it is important to follow our top resume tips 2019 to make sure that you write your resume perfectly. Only the best written resumes that communicate just what the recruiters want to see will have any chance of success. You can also check out 2019 resume templates here. 

Interesting Facts About Your Resume and Recruiting

Before you start your resume it can be very useful to better understand what you are trying to achieve and what you are up against. Most professional jobs will attract more than 200 applicants, so as you can imagine this can be a significant amount of work for any recruiter to sift through. So they will be looking for any reason that they can find to make their job simpler and the pool of applicants smaller. The following facts will help you to know where you stand:

  • Most recruiters will spend less than 7 seconds reviewing your resume.
  • More than 90% of resumes are submitted online.
  • More than 75% of resumes are rejected by Applicant Tracking Software systems.
  • Over 93% of recruiters will look at your online profiles.
  • 76% of recruiters would dismiss your application for an unprofessional email address.

Resume Format Tips 2019

How you format your resume will have a huge impact on what the recruiter will see in those vital few seconds that they will scan your resume for. If they do not see precisely what the want to see in that time then you will be out of luck. Not only that you also have to satisfy any automated ATS system. This means using a traditional layout that anyone would understand and recognize. Anything else could confuse software or waste the recruiter’s time when looking for information. A typical structure for your resume format would be:

  • Header: this should cover who you are, your contact details with an acceptable email address and also links to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Summary: often it is best to start by clearly highlighting the benefits of you as a candidate. Your summary should quickly and effectively highlight just what is good about you and your best achievements.
  • Professional Skills: these should reflect the expectations of the job and should start with the most important ones first.
  • Work experience: this should be listed in reverse chronological order with your most recent position first. Do not list responsibilities, provide them with a bullet list of your achievements within each role.
  • Education: this should list all of the relevant qualifications and certifications that you hold starting with the highest first. Show the schools and colleges at which those qualifications were earned.
  • Affiliations and memberships: if you have any that are relevant then they should be included within your resume.

CAREER CHANGE RESUME FORMAT 2019Use Our Top Resume Tips 2019

You will want to find the best resume tips 2019 has to offer if you are to submit an outstanding resume that will get you noticed. Our professional resume tips 2019 will help you to write a resume that you can use anywhere from WayUp and Upwork through to directly applying to some of the biggest companies out there. Follow these 2019 top resume tips to get yourself that interview:

  • Know what the recruiter wants: never use the same resume for everything, review the requirements for the job and ensure that they are clearly reflected in your targeted resume.
  • Don’t use an objective statement: the recruiter does not want to read about what you want from the position. They want to know why they should be choosing you.
  • Use the right keywords: reflect the language that is used in the job advert so that you can be sure that your resume will show what they want to see as well as getting through any automated review.
  • Make it easy to read: have plenty of white space before each section to draw the eye quickly there. Use only one or two fonts and ensure that they are simple to read.
  • Use bullets: the reader will only spend a few seconds reading your resume so you want it easy to scan and the important points to stand out clearly.
  • Keep it to one or a maximum of two pages: the recruiter is not going to want to read your entire life and working history so keep things to a minimum.
  • Make sure your contact information is correct and obvious: its sounds obvious but it is surprising how many applicants fail to do this.
  • Use a professional email address: joke, smutty and irrelevant emails are a quick way to get your resume rejected. Use something that uses your name and your role to look professional.
  • Don’t list responsibilities: these are already obvious from the job title of the roles that you have help.
  • Show your achievements: the recruiter wants to know what you have done and how well you did it through clear and concise examples.
  • Quantify what you have achieved: numbers will make you stand out far more than claims that are not quantified.
  • Avoid empty self-praise: if you are a great communicator or leader don’t claim it with empty words, show it with a clear example.
  • Ensure that your resume matches your online presence: make sure there are no differences and provide them with a link from your resume.
  • Proofread what you have written: you do not want any mistakes slipping through when you submit your resume.
  • Keep it up to date: there is nothing worse than a resume that has clearly not been touched for many years.

resume writing serviceResume Writing Tips 2019: Mistakes to Avoid in Your Resume

Of course our resume writing tips 2019 would not be complete without an understanding of what should be avoided in your writing. There is no point in getting your resume design 2019 right if you then go on and ruin it with poor writing. The following are common mistakes that people make with their applications:

  • Using a generic resume: always tailor your application to the job that you are applying to.
  • Failing to be specific: tell them your achievements and quantify what you have done.
  • Not showing what you have accomplished: never simply record your duties.
  • Providing too much information: your resume must be easy to skim and cover what they want to see. More information simply obscures what your need them to read.
  • Grammatical and spelling errors: these show that you are a sloppy worker or that you have no interest in the job you have applied to.

Use our top resume tips 2019 to ensure that your next application will get you noticed and help you to gain that interview.

Top Resume Tips 2019