Powerful Teacher Resume Examples 2019

Teaching is a very noble and rewarding profession. Teacher applicants are sending out their resumes to get into prestigious schools and universities to make significant impacts on students’ lives. This article on how to write teacher resume helps teachers as you construct CV for your applications, like showing your ability to teach. This article also aims to assist you in presenting your professional career history, experiences, skills, and share information that will help on your application process, but the best help you may get from resume writing services.

Best Cities for Teachers

Here are some interesting facts about cities where you can find teaching jobs

Among the top places for teachers are those smaller cities with an average population of 91,000.

These cities are the places where people value education a lot. Here, 6 out of 10 or more than half of the population holds at least bachelor’s diploma. Among the best cities for teachers to work are the following:

  • Bentonville, Arkansas
  • Glenview Illinois
  • Evanson Illinois,
  • Southfield, Mississippi
  • State College, Pennsylvania
  • Houston, Texas
  • Chicago, Illinois

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Tips for Writing Resumes for Teachers in 2019

The following tips from teacher resume sample 2019 are specially tailored teacher resume tips you can use in constructing your own CV.

  • Keyword density: Keywords are triggering words on your resume. Use words that highlight your ability to teach.
  • Tailor your resume. If you’re applying for a teaching position, you have to customize your resume accordingly. This is done by highlighting your skills, qualifications, and experiences related to teaching.
  • Format your resume properly. Organize your personal information, career experience, skills, and other important information into a legible format. You can also use free resume sample for teachers that you can find online.
  • Use bulleted sentences. School administrators and hiring panel are tired of reading long paragraphs. It is recommended to arrange them in bullet forms to make it looked organized and easier to read.
  • Use action words. These represent that you could be a potential proactive member of the faculty. It means you are persuasive and powerful about your work.
  • Don’t be shy to highlight your achievements. This is not the time to hide your most renowned achievements. If you have any publication under your name, it would be a great time to mention it.
  • Quantify your experiences. The school wants to know how you made a significant impact on your previous job. Use numbers and statistics to support your qualifications.
  • Focus on the positive. Mention your outstanding ability to instruct innovative student approaches and other positive highlights of your teaching career to attract employer’s attention. Make sure that they are backed up with facts and numbers if possible.
  • Get rid of ‘Objectives’. No one is using this anymore. Write a short description of your qualifications instead.
  • Review and edit. You can use teacher resume examples 2019 but make sure that you edit them well according to your own information. You are an educator and hiring panel expects your resume to be perfect and free from any error.

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Things to Include and Skip on Your Resume 2019

Things to include

  • Your personal information – This includes your name, address, email address, and contact number. Use professional email address and avoid using funny ones.
  • Your education and credentials – Mention your degree(s), certifications, and other teaching training to highlight your educational background.
  • Your skills as a teacher – Your skills as a teacher can include but not limited to verbal communication and listening skills and your ability to read non-verbal cues. Mention other approaches you use effectively in teaching.
  • Your LinkedIn profile – This is advisable especially if you’re applying on the school’s website. Clicking on the link gives them a good chance for them to know you better aside from your resume.
  • All relevant teaching experience – Remember to include only the teaching experiences that can help you highlighting your qualifications. You can also include any worth mentioning volunteer positions or co-curricular activities that involve teaching.


Things not to include:

  • Too personal information like your nickname, other interests, social media account information, etc.
  • Irrelevant information on experiences – You are applying for a teaching position so limit your experiences to those that involve teaching.
  • Objectives – The school already knows your goal – to be hired. So there’s no need to reiterate them.

Powerful Words to Use and to Skip

Use Skip
  1. Advised

  2. Certified

  3. Chaired

  4. Coached

  5. Counseled

  6. Educated

  7. Evaluated

  8. Facilitated

  9. Managed

  10. Improved

  1. Best of breed

  2. Results-driven

  3. Career-oriented

  4. Responsible for

  5. Highly qualified

  6. Seasoned

  7. References available by request

  8. Team player

  9. Honest

  10. Hard worker

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Expert Advice on Teacher Resume Writing in 2019

The following are tips for teacher resume given by hiring and recruitment experts. Among these experts, include Ramsey from Penn State Berks, Lori Staggs from Grand Valley State University, Janet Raiffa from Columbia Business School, and Claire Leslie, senior careers consultant at the University of Warwick. Their pieces of advice include:

  • Quantify your achievements
  • Be concise
  • Highlight accomplishments rather than responsibilities
  • Use action verbs and keywords
  • Eliminate vague language
  • Have a stand-out content and not layout
  • Knowing your audience
  • Highlight your skills in teaching
  • Skip buzzwords like innovative, creative, team player, etc.
  • Proofread

On Using Sample Resumes

Teacher resume samples2019 are widely available. You just have to choose the best sample that suits your preferred format. In using these samples, it is better to save a copy on your computer and edit it offline. Keep the edited copy and update it once in a while.

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5 Resume Writing Tricks

Here are some tricks that you can use in writing your resume.

  • Run a spell check. Your resume should be free from any error, even a spelling mistake. Running a spell check on your computer may not eliminate all grammatical errors but it can be helpful.
  • Read your resume aloud. There are errors that you cannot spot unless you read the whole document. You can also ask someone to read it for you.
  • Simple format. Using simple format make you look organized and professional.
  • Keep it short. Use only 2 pages for your resume. Your summary of skills and qualifications should only be 3-5 lines.
  • Simple and straightforward. Use bulleted sentences to make your resume easier to read. Choose clear and easy to understand words.

People have higher expectations for a teacher’s resume. As an educator, they expect your CV to be flawless. There is a teacher resume format 2019 that you can use as a guide but the rest is still up to you. Write your perfect resume and get hired instantly! Looking for the customer service resume examples 2019? Find some of them here!

How do you write the teacher resume? Use the best teacher resume examples 2019 today!

Powerful Teacher Resume Examples 2019