Helpful Resume Writing Tips 2019

The way you write your resume determines whether you’ll be invited for a job interview and get the job. Knowing resume writing tips 2019 helps you understand the information you need and don’t need to include in your resume. Creative resume examples 2019 also helps you plan the general approach and design suited for the position you are applying for. This also helps you implement the best ideas for your document and be confident that your resume has a competitive place among other applicants.

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20 Tips for Writing a Resume 2019

1. Filter information

How to make a resume 2019? Although your resume should reflect your experience, skills, and achievements, it does not mean that you can put almost everything about yourself in it. This is not your autobiography but an advertising document to sell yourself. This is to show that you are the most suited applicant for the position without boasting or being overconfident.

2. Keep a copy of your resume  

Keeping a copy of your resume in a computer helps you update it every now and then, tailoring it according to the position you are applying for. This also helps you keep track of your experiences, skills, and achievements for any future references.

3. Put the best stuff first

The first part of your resume is the landing page of the document. It is a very important part where hiring manager can get the summary of what the rest of the document might say. This is why it is very important to include the best information here. To do this, how to write a resume in 2019 tips advice job seekers to place a ‘Summary of Qualifications’ on the first part of your resume. Your summary should be one paragraph highlighting all key elements such as your most relevant experiences.

4. No one uses objective statement anymore

Experts on “how to make resume 2019” advise applicants to delete objective on their resumes. This is just a waste of space on the document, which you can put to better use such as explaining your achievements in previous company.

5. Use reverse chronological

The objective of reverse chronological in presenting your work experience is to give the hiring manager a glimpse of your most current skills and achievements in your field.

6. Keep it short

As it was mentioned earlier, this is not an autobiography so you need to keep it short. The rule of the thumb in tips on resume writing 2019 is two-page resume for applicants who have a been working for a while and a page for the newly graduated ones. This is to make sure that you limit yourself to the most relevant information only. Also, hiring managers only skim resumes and rarely read them from top to bottom.

7. Have an online resume

This helps you especially when companies require a website or online resume like LinkedIn. Your online resume is as good as the printed one. Online resumes should also highlight your most relevant and important roles, skills, and achievements related to the job.

8. Experience first, then education

In formatting, the experience should come first before education unless you just finished your school. This is because hiring managers are most likely to be interested on the jobs you had than your education or the college you went into.

9. Keep it neat and simple

There is a difference between simply being creative and just messy. You can keep your resume creative but make sure that fonts are still readable and consistent and boldfaces in major headings are used tolerably.

10. Filter personal information

Personal information should have boundaries. Keep it only on your name, professional email address, address, and contact details. Do not include ‘too’ personal information like ‘happily married with two kids’ stuff.


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11. Quantify your success

Numbers and statistics are a good selling point in a resume. Place them on your experience section if there is something worth mentioning.

12. Avoid using buzzwords and phrases

These are just empty, vague and unquantifiable words taking up space in your resume. Among them are ‘advance knowledge in’, ‘customer-oriented’, ‘superior communication skills’, ‘creative’, ‘innovative’, etc.

13. Keep it recent and relevant

The rule of thumb is to use your most recent career history, preferably 5-10 years. Also, mind the timeline gap on your career experience as this may confuse hiring managers. Include experience and information that are only relevant to the job you are applying for.

14. Don’t tell, show

Don’t tell you are a ‘strong leader’, instead, show how you managed or lead the team during your occupation. You can show it by describing the size of your team and your accomplishments leading them.

15. List your skills

Adding a section for your relevant skills and expertise also helps, just ensure that they are recent and relevant. If you’re applying for an IT position, you can mention your skills in HTML and other troubleshooting software. If you’re looking for a job in creative and design, skills in Adobe Creative Suite and other design software could help.

16. Delete “references available upon request” at the end

Your responsibility is to ensure that your references are available and hiring managers don’t have to request for it. Before putting any reference, make sure you notify them as the company might give them a call anytime.

17. Customize your resume according to demand

Although templates and sample resumes are now readily available, it is still recommended to create your own and just use them as a guide. These samples use general approach and might have sections that are not applicable for your These samples use general approach and might have sections that are not applicable for your application.

18. Use action words

Use action words like ‘managed’, ‘led’, ‘pioneered’, ‘implemented’ instead of buzzwords. They represent that you are a proactive member and a good addition to the team.

19. Update your resume

It is recommended to have your resume every year or every six months even if you’re not looking for a new job. This is to place every recent achievement you have and keep track of your professional growth.

20. Read. Edit. Proofread

This is to ensure that your resume is free from any typographical, grammatical, or factual error. You can ask someone to read and look at it to confirm that you don’t miss or overdo anything

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What Do Expert’s Say about Resume Tips

An expert in resume recruitment shared her insights on how to write a resume for 2019.

  • Keep it neat and short. An average resume should be three pages maximum for an applicant who has over five years’ experience and a minimum of two pages for recent graduates and new workers. Keep it neat and simple without unnecessary clutters to get the interest of the employee. Remember, your resume has only 5-10 seconds to stand out. Make it count.

  • Keep out from fancy layout and designs. Your resume should be readable. Use traditional fonts such as black type Sans serif, Arial and Times New Roman of 10-11 point size on white paper. Don’t overuse boldfaces, italics, and underline.

  • Use a reverse chronological order to list your career history. This is to present your most recent or current knowledge and skills about the job.

  • Ditch objectives. Use a summary of qualifications instead.

  • Don’t reveal too much personal information.

10 Pieces of Advice from Experts

  1. Stop writing ‘Objectives’ on your resume. The hiring manager knows what your goal is –to get the job.

  2. Filter personal information to share.

  3. Include worth mentioning statistics and numbers on your experience.

  4. Eliminate buzzwords and phrases like creative, innovative, excellent in communications, computer skills, and customer-focused. Use action words and evidence to quantify your achievements instead.

  5. Don’t put your photo on your resume.

  6. Keep your resume short and simple. If you have more than 10 years’ experience, you can use up to three pages and one page if you’re working less than five years.

  7. Things like GPA (unless it is very high and you just finished school), nicknames, gender orientation, religion, and political views should not be mentioned in a resume

  8. Keep it updated. List the most recent and relevant skills and job experience.

  9. Customize your resume. Use templates and samples from how to make a great resume 2019 articles as guides but do not submit your document filled with general words from an online sample.

  10. Edit your resume. Don’t let bad grammar and typos ruin your career.

More on expert tips

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5 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Grammatical errors and typos: A resume filled with errors only represent a neglectful person. Don’t let them ruin your future career. Ask someone to review the document for any error that you might have missed. Some examples of common errors are subject-verb agreement, numbers, and punctuation.


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  • It’s a good reference

Responsibilities vs. accomplishments: People interchangeably mistook responsibilities over accomplishment in a career experience. Responsibilities refer to duties that you perform as an employee while achievements are actual outcomes if those responsibilities are done. It is better to highlight your accomplishments rather than your responsibilities.


  • wrote articles for numerous publications

  • served as team leader

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Using buzzwords: They may look fancy on your resume but they are meaningless. ‘

Buzzwords include:


  • creative

  • ‘excellent

  • expert

  • innovative

Disclosing ‘too personal information’: Save it for the interview when asked.

This information include:

  • Married with two kids

  • Accomplishing travel bucket list

  • Moving on from an ex

Being too wordy: Keep your resume short, simple, and substantial. Include only relevant information.


Led large-scale marketing operations focused restructuring and expanding brand awareness over small-scale businesses as target customers.

Changing Your Future

Applying for a job requires courage – to leave your current job and sell yourself to a new one. But guides can help make your job-hunting journey easier. So clean up your desk and start updating your resume based on the quick tips about resume writing 2019 we shared.

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Helpful Resume Writing Tips 2019