Resume Design 2019: How to Impress the Employee

Are you looking for help in your resume design 2019? Aside from making use of CSS colors when making a website resume, for example, you may want to learn how you can make a more effective design in order to capture the attention of your readers. For example, using colors will be able to increase your brand by up to 80%, but that’s only one factor. If you’re looking for some samples, tips, and tricks in coming up with a good one, keep reading.Do you want to know what the 2019 resume trends are? Click here and discover!

Interesting Facts and Stats about 2019 Resume Design

  1. Colors will help you increase your brand. So when choosing some for your CV font, you must be able to select those that will help you highlight your brand. It affects the psychology of the reader. However, do not use colors just because those are what your friends are using but pick those that will highlight your values too.

  2. Using colored paper is not advised. Choosing a colored paper will not help you stand out but it is the other way around. You will stand out in the wrong direction.

  3. Use columns in order to maximize space use. You must keep your resume short and to the point, and one way to do it is to make use of columns, which will save on vertical space used. Dividing your resume into two columns will help, especially in emphasizing points and separating the sections in your application. With columns, you will also be able to maximize the limited space in your layout. This is the better way to write using a resume design inspiration 2019.

  4. Writing information in one lump isn’t good. In order to write an effective resume, you should use a grid structure for the layout using rows and columns. In addition, visual dividers, as well as white spaces, will also help.

  5. Resume infographics are also becoming one of the fast-rising trends in writing the CV. These resume formats can be used by people in the creative fields. However, people working in the medical or finance fields must not consider it.

  6. Creating a well-formatted resume is becoming more important than before. It is one of the latest in designing the resume. Remember that your resume should not be a chore to read. When considering a design, know that ease of reading is also important. You should be able to use a clean and organized resume, as shown in a simple design.

statistics about resume design 2018

How Resume Design Influences Your Job Search

Using resume design inspiration 2019 will help you with ideas on how to design your application without overwhelming it. By picking a good design, you can increase your job application success. It will help you show how and why you are a good fit for the job. Make sure that you limit design elements, including on the use of colors, font styles and others in order to put more emphasis on your abilities, knowledge, and skills.

Stunning Resume Design 2019 Samples

Sample 1


  • It is a professional resume design, which makes use of shadows in making the application pop.

  • It gives that 3D illusion appearance, which adds depth to the application.

  • The color scheme is just right.

  • The design elements are also well put in place.


  • The resume may not be for traditional hiring managers that still want the conventional design.

  • It is not for serious industries, such as healthcare.

Sample 2


This is a very good resume if you’re in the creative fields, such as graphic design and animation. It also makes good use of color schemes, which are not overwhelming. The style also highlights the applicant’s ability to think out of the box.


  • Definitely, not for someone applying for a medical job

  • It is not also for people in engineering, accounting or finance

Sample 3


  • It is well organized with well-chosen images and icons for design.

  • The color scheme is also simple and traditional.

  • It may be for those in the creative fields looking to highlight their design skills.


  • The resume isn’t for doctors, nurses and healthcare professions.

  • It may not also be for people in the business administration.

  • The format isn’t for those looking to highlight more accomplishments.

resume design 2018 sample

Best Websites for Professional Resume Design 2019

The following is a list of websites to help you design your resume. They are all simple to use and modern. They also let you customize your resume based on the job application. You can also make use of them for their wide range of options too.

Visual CV. Should you design your resume 2019? Yes, you can! If you’re designing it, you can make use of this site, which is one of the best for the purpose. It allows you to upload your document or type in your info manually using its interface. There is a free and paid version of the site. People who want to upgrade must pay $12 per month. The site offers plenty of resume options.You can also check out samples based on your industry or career path.

Kick Resume. The resume builder is one of the best online. You can make use of it if you’re looking for ideas on the best resumes for your job or industry. There are also many cover letter options to find on the site. With it, you can create a customized resume with your education, information, and experience. You can download your CV as a PDF. Its interface is also easy to use and slick.

CANVA. There are 30 templates to choose from or choose from a wide collection of grids for a complete control of the resume output. You may also want to use the layout and edit the text with your information. You may also use other customization options until you are completely satisfied with the results.

VisualizeMe. This is another website for job seekers who are looking for a visual and customized resume. It will let you edit your resume with your personal information using the wide range of customization features of the site. In addition, you can also tailor the final product selecting from a wide collection of colors, themes, fonts, and backgrounds.

CV Maker. This is one of the sites to use if you want to build a good resume personalized with your information and based on your job or industry. You can make use of the free version, letting you choose from six templates. You may also pay a one-time fee of $16, which also lets you send your resume on it through a single click of the mouse.

Uptowork. You may also want to consider this one if you’re looking for a fully customized resume. It will also help you write according to the latest trends with the available collection of resume building features.

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Which Colors to Use for Different Positions

People in the healthcare careers and other serious industries including finance and banking may want to stick with the conventional black and white color scheme.

Applicants who are in the creative fields may choose from up to three colors to use in their resumes. The reason is that the design elements, including color, should not be overwhelming. Or else, they will take the spotlight away from your expertise and experience.

Some ideas on colors are the following,

  • Red – passion, action, courage, and power

  • Yellow – energy, positivity, optimism

  • Purple – spirituality, luxury, dignity, and inspiration

  • Blue – reliability, truth, trust

  • Orange – encouragement, determination, productivity, and strength

  • Green – growth, calmness, rebirth

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What Not to Use for Design

What should you avoid in designing your resume? Check out the following for a brief description on the blunders to avoid when designing your application.

Bad layout

You should not use a bad layout or else your resume will shout unprofessionalism. It will also show that you don’t have a good taste regarding knowing what looks good and bad in the design. If you’re not able to make use of a good layout, you will make the client or employer feel that you’re not good enough for the position, such as in graphic design.

Complicated fonts

No matter how you think those outrageous fonts will make you look creative – they don’t.& In fact, they reduce the effectiveness of your application. If you don’t want your resume to be tossed out or placed in the archives, you should not use crazy fonts, images included.If you do, you will just ruin your chances for the application.

Choosing the right CV design is as important as writing a stellar one. The overall design affects the overall impression that your resume will get from the employer. If you want to highlight professionalism and reliability, you must pick a design that is right for your field. It must also be minimal, meaning the design must not overwhelm the content or substance of the application.

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Resume Design 2019: How to Impress the Employee