Professional Receptionist Resume Examples 2019

Writing the receptionist resume isn’t easy. This is the exact same reason applicants make use of receptionist resume examples 2019. They want to create the impressive resume that will display how good they are in performing their duties and responsibilities including serving visitors. Such good examples also help them know how to include skills, such as Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite. For more help on how to come up with the best resume for a receptionist, use the best resume writing services.

Receptionist Career Overview with Stats

It pays off to read and understand the career outlook and future of a receptionist. Before writing your resume or using receptionist resume samples 2019, check out the following information on what to know about this career.

The profession is ranking at #23 in the category of business jobs, according to Money News. One working in this field could make 27,300 or $13.12 an hour in 201, according to BLS.

The best paying cities

  • Vallejo, California -$37,260
  • San Francisco -$37,040
  • San Rafael, California – $36,390
  • San Jose, California – $35,950
  • Oakland, California – $35,140

Receptionist Resume Format Sample 2019: Tips for a Good Receptionist CV

As you can see in the resume format for receptionist job, you must be able to display your top skills and expertise to stand out among the rest. You must look into things as considering which words to choose to highlight your abilities are important. For more help in writing the best application, check out the following tips.

  • Write your best skills, such as an ability to be resourceful and proactive or solid communication skills. Being a receptionist who deals with guests and people, you should display how good you are in communicating with a wide range of customers, clients, business partner or just about anyone going to your office or firm.
  • Highlight your accomplishments, not only list your duties and responsibilities. The hiring manager already knows such.
  • Put the best accomplishments or achievements in the career profile or professional summary. For example, “Reduced administrative support cost for the ABC Company…” You must also be able to share success stories, including better amenities management or technical updates in the receptionist team of your company.
  • Cut the clutter in the resume. List only the most recent and significant work experiences you have had, and mention a few accomplishments under it.
  • Put the contact and personal information at the top, and they must be updated and correct. A few of such include your email address, phone number, and home address.
  • Include your LinkedIn profile link. Some employers also want to see your online portfolio. Make sure to have a professional LinkedIn profile for the best results.
  • Create a career summary to highlight your best accomplishments. It must be made of three sentences or up to six bullet points.
  • Write the education section at the bottom of the application. Include details like pieces of training, affiliations, and memberships to important receptionist organizations in your field.
  • You may add information to any awards received from your previous companies.
  • Proofread and edit your resume.

  receptionist resume examples 20192019 receptionist resume examples

How to Write a Resume for Receptionist in 2019

Knowing how to write a resume for receptionist will give you an edge in the application. Keep reading the following for some tips.

Things to include

  • Awards, affiliations or trainings
  • Special skills and technical knowledge
  • Career summary as a receptionist

Things to skip

  • Objective section
  • References section
  • Too old work experiences
  • High school achievements
  • Hobbies

receptionist resume writing

10 Powerful Words to Use and to Skip

What to include What to skip
  1. Customer service

  2. Work ethic

  3. Professional

  4. Adaptable

  5. Verbal and written communication skills

  6. Problem-solving skills

  7. Interpersonal skills

  8. Telephone skills

  9. Listening

  10. Microsoft office skills

  1. Team player

  2. Outside of the box thinking

  3. Synergy

  4. Dynamic

  5. Go-getter

  6. Hard working

  7. Flexible

  8. Bottom line

  9. Self-starter

  10. Go-to person

10 Pieces of Advice from the Expert

Check out the following from a receptionist free sample resume and do well in your resume.

  • Include your core competencies section. This will ensure that you can highlight your main skills, experiences, personal attributes, and strength.
  • In the work experience section, you must include the number of years you have worked. You may also include your work experience and volunteer work experience related to the job.
  • Write the qualification section, including information on the duties you performed. However, don’t fill your application with only the duties and responsibilities. You may also include details about your academic qualification, including an associate degree and other related educational backgrounds.
  • According to Semissourian, you must use a functional resume if you are an entry-level worker. It is for people without much experience to include in their application.  It will draw the attention of the reader from your lack of experience.
  • You must also talk about your skills as a receptionist. Some of these include answering the phone or greeting visitors, among others.
  • Talk about your awards and memberships.
  • Spell check and proofread your application.
  • Save it in Word format if you’re sending an online application. It can be easily viewed from any computer. Alternatively, you may want to save it in PDF format as well.
  • Use receptionist resume sample 2019 for ideas on how to write a good resume.
  • Choose a good template and edit it with your specific information.

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  • Use excellent resume samples for receptionists for ideas.
  • Stick with a one-page resume.
  • Make use of a good font including Arial or Calibri.
  • Ask help from friends or family members to review your resume.
  • Highlight technical skills to gain an edge, including the use of software to perform the job easier.

How to Use Samples for Resume Writing

Pick one that will best highlight your skills, knowledge, and abilities. Be sure to edit, add or remove sections as needed. You may also want to ask samples from some sources in order to get ideas and inspiration on how to write the resume using those examples. Looking for accountant resume examples 2019? Click and find some here!

Refer to our best receptionist resume examples 2019 and write the best CV today!

Professional Receptionist Resume Examples 2019