Nursing Resume Examples 2019 Will Increase Your Chances on Getting a Job

Registered nurses coordinate and give patient care as well as educate patients. They give emotional support and advice to their patients. If you have a plan applying for nurse position, be sure to check our nursing resume examples 2019 to know about the latest trends in writing a resume. Also, you may get professional help from qualified resume writing service!

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Nursing Career Overview with Stats

License practitioner nurse or registered nurses are responsible for performing medical procedures and monitoring patient’s condition as well as administering medicine. Nurses have a holistic view of well-being and health. They do their best to help their patients to recover. Keep reading to know how to write a nursing resume for a job.

Quick Stats

  • $67,490 median salary
  • 1.5% unemployment rate
  • 4,393 number of jobs

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Cities to Work

The highest paid certified registered nurse anesthetist positions are in California, which includes San Francisco and Bakersfield. Other cities to work for nursing jobs and licensed practical nurse include:

  • San Jose – Sunnyvale – Santa Clara, CA
  • Boston, MA
  • New York, NY
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Anchorage, AK

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How to Write a Resume for Nursing Tips 2019

  • Aesthetics: If you are done in writing all needed details in your resume, you need to format it. It is essential to use 1-inch margin on both sides. You should avoid using fonts that are unprofessional. It is better to use fonts, such as Arial, Times New Roman, Century Gothic or Cambria. You can get ideas from 2019 nursing resume examples.
  • Make it concise: Your resume will become pleasing to the eye when it is well summarized and concise. If you have numerous skills and achievements, you need to summarize that information.
  • Avoid colorful resumes: In writing your nursing resume, you should not use different colors. Using too much color would reduce the professional feel of your resume. It is better to use black ink in writing your resume.
  • Character references: If references are needed to put, make sure to write essential character references. You need to write at least three references and include those persons who know you well and who have worked with you.
  • Adding skills is a plus: Make sure to write skills that you have especially if it is related to the nursing position. List those skills that are great to convince the employer to interview you.
  • And avoid: Avoid including details such as religious affiliation and political views. These details do not help you in your application. Unless it is necessary, write it.
  • Keep it updated: Be sure to update your resume to make sure you included those seminars you attended and new skills you have obtained in your previous jobs or tasks.
  • Avoid clutter: Do not make your resume jammed with texts and letters. Be sure to at least have one to two-page resume. You also need to make sure your resume has enough white spaces for easy reading.
  • Bring extra copy: If you will submit your resume as hard printed copy, ensure to have an extra copy. Place your resume in a plain white folder to make it presentable and clean.
  • Availability: Since you are applying for nursing positions, you need to convey the shifts you are willing to work. Are you open to working 8 or 10-hour shifts?

2019 nursing resume examplesnursing resume examples 2019

Tips for Nursing Resume: What to Include and What to Skip in Resume Writing

Here are tips for a nursing resume to know what you need to include and skip. It is essential to know so that you avoid those mistakes that made by other applicants.

What to include What to Skip
  • Use one font style and size

  • Summarize your qualifications

  • Relevant keywords

  • Clinical experiences

  • Formal action verbs describing strengths, accomplishments, and responsibilities

  • Italics, lines, underlines, graphics, and shadings

  • References available upon request

  • Details about hobbies

  • List of personal information such as marital status, height, weight, and race

  • Experiences that are irrelevant to nursing

Powerful Words to Use and Avoid in Resume

Worst words Powerful words to use
  1. Go-getter

  2. Best of breed

  3. Synergy

  4. Think outside the box

  5. Value-add

  6. Go to person

  7. Results driven

  8. Strategic thinker

  9. Hard workers

  10. Thought leadership

  1. Improved

  2. Achieved

  3. Mentored

  4. Resolved

  5. Created

  6. Influenced

  7. Won

  8. Under budget

  9. Launched

  10. Increased or decreased

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Advice from Expert in Resume Writing 2019

Katy Cowan: Katy presented some tips for writing a nursing resume and it is your help to get started to meet the deadline for submission.

  • Get the basics right: Make sure to include basic information such as contact and personal details, qualifications, and education sections. You also need to write experience, work history, and relevant skills.
  • The presentation is the key: A resume is always clearly and carefully presented and printed on crisp clean white paper. The layout of your CV should be well structured and clean.
  • No more than 2 pages: A great resume is concise and clear. You do not need more pages to present your best achievements and accomplishments. You need to keep things sweet and short.
  • Understand the job description: You need to read the job application details from start to finish. Make notes and make bullet points, highlighting all things you need to include in your resume.
  • Tailor the CV to the nursing role: Each resume you send to the employer should be tailored to the role you are applying. Do not be lazy in creating the best resume because writing general resume won’t work.
  • Making the most of the skills: Do not forget to include key skills that help you to stand out from other applicants. It can include computer skills, team working or problem-solving.
  • Making the most of the interests: Under your interests section, you need to highlight things that show off your skills you have gained. You need to describe examples of responsible positions, working in a team and others.
  • Making the most of the experience: Use positive and assertive language under experience and work history sections, like organized, achieved or developed. Be sure to relate your skills you learned to the job you are applying.
  • Including references: The references should be from people who have employed you in the past.
  • Keep your resume updated: Your resume should be updated once in a while to make sure to include new experience or skills that are missing in your nurse practitioner resume.

How to Use 2019 Nursing Resume Samples for Resume Writing

There is nothing wrong in checking samples online because it is your guide to easier writing and understanding. The nursing resume samples 2019 online are to inspire and guide you. For instance, you can use others introduction as your guide in writing your own resume.

Tricks in Writing a Resume

  • Do not put everything on your resume
  • Keep a master list of all jobs
  • Put the best stuff
  • Ditch the objective statement
  • Keep it chronological

Perfecting your resume is great, but having the best resume does not mean that you get the job. What is important is to do your best and beat those employment interviews and tests as well as submitting amazing resume that get the attention of the employer. If you are looking for the executive resume examples 2019, you can take advantage of them here.

Improve your job hunting success. Use our nursing resume examples 2019 today!

Nursing Resume Examples 2019 Will Increase Your Chances on Getting a Job