Management Resume Examples 2019

Using the management resume examples 2019 provide applicants with inspiration and ideas on how to come up with a good CV or application that is read and noticed by employers. They are able to highlight skills like a development of the department and team management. If you’re looking for the best ways in writing the manager resume, you should try resume writing service.

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Management Resume 2019: Career Information and Stats

Before using the 2019 management resume examples, you may want to read a few of the latest statistics about managers in the US. According to the BLS, people working in this field could look forward to growth. It is predicted to grow six percent from 2014 to 2024. Employment is also good, expected to reach 505,400 new jobs. The annual median pay for such positions was $100,790 (2016).The best cities to work if you’re a manager include…

  • Washington, D.C
  • Boston
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Atlanta
  • Denver
  • Baltimore
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Nashville

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Management Resume 2019 Tips for Resume Writing

  • Be able to grab the attention of the reader by writing a career summary containing your best skills, including managing the preparation and maintenance of reports or organization skills.
  • Highlight your best assets in budgeting, project management, leadership, and communications. You may list down specific accomplishments in these areas in your career profile or summary.
  • Include things like training, initiatives, performance metrics and management accomplishments. You can also include details about leadership. You may write about schedule rotating, cultural awareness, policy compliance, team building and training in customer service.
  • Highlight successes you have had.By writing about these as examples in the CV, you can show from the start what you can offer to the company if you were hired. You may write, “Trained new staff for products and services, administered training to old employees on new upgrade goals of ABC Company.
  • Create an interesting profile for the opening of your application. It will help the hiring manager understand why he or she has to keep reading.
  • Be able to highlight your professional experience.You must be able to support your claims with the achievements and accomplishments you have listed in your career summary. You can make use of statistics and facts showing how you were an effective manager. You may write about “developed a paperlesofice environment through using online management systems in handling and managing data….
  • Include action words in your resume. A few include reported, cut, developed, led, supervised, prepared, answered and created. Know what resume keywords for management in 2019 and make your CV more interesting.
  • Tailor the resume based on the job application. Do not send the same resume across applications or you will fail at highlighting your best assets for the needs of each company.
  • Read and understand the job posting. Write down clue words you found there in writing your application.
  • Be able to spend some time in editing and proofreading your resume for the best results.

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Tips for Management Resume 2019 – Things to Include

  • Career summary – can be a short paragraph or bullet points
  • Two-column layout to organize the section content
  • Best accomplishments, including awards
  • Power words
  • Professional format suitable for your experience

Things to Skip

  • Fillers like old work experiences not related to the job
  • Reference section
  • Objective section

Management Resume Tips in 2019: Resume Keywords for Management in 2019

Use Skip
  1. Strategic planning

  2. Corporate planning and administration

  3. New business development

  4. Organizational leadership

  5. Multisite operations

  6. Crisis management

  7. Development of new management techniques

  8. Performance optimization

  9. Technical knowledge on management systems

  10. Profitability improvement

  1. Flexible

  2. Ability to work under stressful situations

  3. Hard working

  4. Dynamic

  5. Fast learner

  6. Team player

  7. People person

  8. Go-to person

  9. Go-getter

  10. Problem solver

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10 Pieces of Advice from the Expert

To enhance your job application success, learn from the following tips for management resume to include in writing your CV or application.

  • According to Huffington Post, substance matters in your CV or resume, no matter the tricks you plan on adding in your resume.
  • Give them a picture of why you are the right applicant for the job.
  • Write a few bullet points for a quick overview of your abilities, knowledge, and skills.
  • Skip the objective section.
  • Remove the jargons and clichés in your resume.
  • Quantify your achievements and accomplishment to show your background and potentials. Think percentages and numbers.
  • Provide quick explanations if you’re making a career change. You may be able to show it with a functional resume.
  • Write from the perspective of the employer and play their interest.
  • Stick to one page to ensure that your resume will be scanned or read from the start to the finish.
  • Proofread the resume before sending it to the employer or hiring manager. Get rid of typos and spelling mistakes.

How to Use Samples in Writing the Management Resume in 2019

Learning how to write a management resume will help you take advantage of the opportunity and increase your chances of being hired. You can use it through selecting the right template applicable for your work experience and industry. Edit the template with your information. You may also add or remove sections if you think that will strengthen your application.


  • Use resume keywords for managers – you may also learn from the job description which to use.
  • Edit and proofread your resume a couple of times, so spend more time in creating it.
  • Use the right sample that will show your best assets and accomplishments.
  • Tailor the application per company to make it more effective.
  • Stick to a one-page resume.

Use this guide and incorporate the best tricks for your resume. Make sure that it is tailored for the job application for an increased chances of success.

Don’t write the resume without inspiration from our best management resume examples 2019 today!

Management Resume Examples 2019