Key Resume Words 2019 to Use for Your Success

What are the key resume words 2019? How to write resume properly? Diction or choice of word, like using CV buzzwords, is as much crucial in writing your resume as best font for resume 2019 – not only to make sure that the document passes the initial review of automated software, but for you to show abilities, knowledge, and skills to managers and deciding personalities in the company. This goal is achieved by using power words for resume 2019 that this article will try to explain. These words are your key cards to make your resume stand out – whether under a scrutinizing system or from the objective eyes of a manager.

Importance of Proper Key Resume Words 2019

You specifically and carefully choose the right words for your resume. You don’t want to sound weak or boastful – because there are actual words that send those signals. The way you choose the words to use determines the future of your resume, and eventually, your career. If you choose words that are too light for your skills and experience, hiring managers might think that you are a passive employee who just goes with the flow. However, if you choose too strong words, they may see you as a controlling one. You need to find a balance. To find it recheck these it resume examples 2019.

Resume and hiring experts recommend key resume words 2019 to help applicants like you find the right words to use on their application document. These words include power words, action verbs, and powerful phrases that automatically hit the green button on applicant system trackers.

When used strategically, these words have the power to grab the interest of hiring managers and draw their attention down to the last page of your resume. If they find your skills sets, experience, and competencies suited for their job posting, there is a huge chance that they call you for an interview, which you will nail for sure.

Interesting Facts about Words in a Resume from Ladders

  • It takes only 5 to 7 seconds for hiring personnel to look at your resume. Make those seconds count by using power words for resume 2019 to capture their attention and read the down to the last page.
  • Hiring personnel can sense any falsification on resumes, which is accounted for an average of 53 percent of submitted documents. A hiring manager knows if you falsified your resume without even talking to you.
  • Not all recruiters read cover letters. Only 17% of them do this, not unless you got short-listed at first glance.
  • Recruiters look for four main sections in a resume: job title, companies you previously worked with, start and end dates, and your education. Other than those sections, they just skim.
  • An electronic applicant scanning system initially conducts the screening and 60% of those applicants never get the chance to be reviewed by hiring personnel.
  • Three to five lines are only allotted for your career summary. Any line more than that, your resume is classified to be ‘lengthy’.
  • Hiring managers are serious about spelling errors, and 43 percent of them disqualify candidates with spelling errors spotted on their resumes.

key resume words 2019 examplekey resume words 2019 sample

Top 20 powerful words to use on your resume Top 20 words that can make your resume look worse
The following is a list of action words for resume 2019 that hiring managers and employers are looking for in an applicant’s resume. These are CV buzzwords that you must avoid using on your resumes. They are weak and meaningless words to not put on a resume 2019 that just take up space on your document.

Accelerated the teams’ inbound call performance in the first quarter of the year.


 Attempted to create better designs for the clients


Consolidated data for annual reports to be presented to the company’s executives.


 Has creative experience in designing campaign materials.


Created a system that helped in data management.


 Manages clients through customer-focused approach.


Facilitated in winning the company’s biggest lawsuit client of the year.


 A detail-oriented person with experience in data management.


Guided team members in designing new learning materials.


 Has experience working in a dynamic environment.


Improved the company’s payroll system and incentive criteria.


 Works with clients to enhance my entrepreneurial skills.


Initiated the use of new payroll system for a better and faster timesheet consolidation.

 Extensive experience

 Has extensive experience in design and project management.


Led the team of paralegals in conducting research for the company’s clients.


 I am a fast-learner and willing to work for longer hours.


Managed a team of ten members in creating better and more timely design materials for clients.


I am a hardworking and dedicated employee.


Helped maximized company revenue by 25% in 2017 fiscal year.


 Creates innovative ideas for the team.


Negotiated with clients in arranging pricing structure for the latest brand management campaign.


 Easily motivated by my team members and company goals.


Organized the company’s high-grossing campaign for brand awareness.


 I prefer to work alone to be more creative in my designs.


Pioneered the utilization of easy payout system for the finance department.


 I am a proactive team member.


Spearheaded the movement on violence against women in the community.

Problem solver

 I work as a problem solver of the team.


Transformed the company’s processes on hiring personnel and systematized new employee orientation.


 I am an objective person and I don’t let personal stuff cloud my judgment.


Helped the company’s payroll department transition from manual to automated computing.


 Worked in a result-oriented team with high standard on design.


Uncovered dormant accounts from clients of previous years and designed an outreach campaign to help old customers settle their accounts.

Salary negotiable

 I am open to suggestions and keep my salary negotiable.


Upgraded the company’s payroll system and employee incentive reporting process.

Team player

 I am a team player and work well with diverse people.


Validated dormant accounts and consolidated dormancy for settlement.

 Used to

 I used to be a member of a company involved in marketing and brand promotion.


Verified company’s offshore accounts by traveling and meeting clients to ensure that they are properly taken care of.

 Wanted to

 I wanted to be a part of your company to prove my worth as a good artist.

Top 10 Powerful Phrases that Make Your Resume Look Brilliant

  • Provides constructive feedback
  • Speaks confidently in public settings
  • Skilled at organizing complex projects and delegating tasks
  • Negotiates situations effectively
  • Able to recognize client needs, and meet them
  • Delegates tasks effectively
  • Provides well thought out solutions
  • Welcomes responsibility
  • Sets organization goals
  • Bring enthusiasm to team projects and encourage others to develop ideas
  • Executes multiple tasks at once
  • Accurately forecasts outcomes
  • Identifies and allocates resources appropriately
  • Identifies problems & develop solutions
  • Gathers information & assess current situations

Quotes from Resume Experts

Hiring and resume experts, as well as career coaches, provide the following list of best words for resume  2019 and professional biography writing. Check them out for your references.

Use Numbers

A hardworking and customer-oriented person are words not to use in a resume 2019 because employers don’t believe that. They need numbers to prove your claim. This is why it is important to state any specific and worth to mention statistics that will support your statement. For example, if you managed to facilitate the sign up of the agency’s biggest client, it is worthy to mention the value of the contract, for how many years, and how much it helped the company in terms of financial percentage.

Advice from life and career coach Angela Copeland

Maximize the word ‘Spearheaded’

This is one of the power words for resume 2019 that you need to include – if you have made a very significant contribution to your company. This is something you don’t keep to yourself. If you started a new system or pioneered a project that created good for the company, don’t hesitate to mention it. Do not use the word ‘helped’ because it seems like you just assisted in the movement. Use “spearheaded” instead, as you are the one who started it.

Advice from life and career coach Angela Copeland

Do not use problem-solving skills.

Use the word ‘redesign’ to show your skills in creating solutions for problems.

Advice from life coach JennDeWall

Use the word ‘modernized’ to show how you improved and transformed your working environment or team.

This is a powerful word to describe your ability to help the company achieve higher revenue and valuable growth.

Advice from Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

Your resume is the online or printed representation of yourself. This document tells about your professional career and what makes you a better candidate over others. Understanding words to use in resume 2019 brings out the best card you have for the job. Use this card as your key pass to the next job that will define your profession and you as a better person.

Use our guide and list the best key resume words 2019 in your application today!

Key Resume Words 2019 to Use for Your Success