Executive Resume Examples 2019 for Your Inspiration

The executive has successful leadership and management skills. They make sure that his organization will meet their goals. If you are applying for an executive position, be sure to construct the best resume. You can check out executive resume examples 2019 to get new ideas in constructing the resume.

Executive Position Career Overview

A finance executive main task is to supervise financial health as well as procedures of a company. The executive work can be either public or private. Typically, executives supervise or create the summary reports that are related to money-related issues.   Learn more from executive resume writing tips sample.

Cities to Work

If you are looking for cities to work for executive jobs, here are some:

  • College Station, Texas
  • Manchester, New Hampshire
  • New York City
  • Provo, Utah
  • Los Angeles
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul
  • Austin, Texas

How to Write Executive Resume Tips 2019

  • Targeting and research: A generic resume covering too many bases will fall flat. Applicants need to write a specific target audience because employers do not have much time to read irrelevant information. All details in your resume should be aligned to what the employer is looking for, such as accomplishments like act as a professional advisor.
  • Value proposition and personal branding: Branding links key personal attribute, drive strengths and links passions with applicant value proposition in a clear message that differentiates applicant from his competitors. Nowadays, companies are seeking for good fit, vitality as well as personal chemistry applicants.  You can include acts as a professional advisor in your CV.
  • Career success stories: Writing stories helps applicants to explain how they achieved such things, like explaining how they capture profitable advances for their past employers. Use stories to capture the attention of employers by showing numbers. You can also highlight skills, such as know how to analyze financial statements.
  • Forget the objective statement: Employers want to know what you will do for them and the objective statement only wastes valuable space and it does not get the attention of the hiring manager.
  • Strategic and real estate positioning: With this, you can use personal brand statements that should be loaded with relevant keywords, add powerful quotes from recent performance review, including three to four value-driven bulleted statements and put together all relevant keywords. You can write analyze financial statements and manage general activities.
  • Readability: In here, you need to avoid densely packed and hard to read details. Shorter chunks of details are easier to read and they will draw the reader’s eye to continue reading your resume that is why you need to make your CV easy to read and appealing looking.
  • Grammar and typos: Make sure to proofread your resume several times or you can ask someone to do it. You should not just rely on spell check because sometimes checkers do not offer 100% accuracy in checking. Also, be sure to put your contact details at the top of every page of resume your craft.
  • Formatting: Keep the formatting consistent, clean and attractive. Do not use more than two different fonts and avoid using unprofessional and frilly fonts.
  • Own voice: Be sure that when you write your resume, you use your own voice. Look for the perfect words describing what makes you valuable and unique. Always ensure to keep your content interesting and do not include phrases that do not differentiate you, such as visionary leader, results-oriented, excellent communication skills and others.
  • Repetitive job descriptions and passive verbs: Avoid over-user and boring phrases like “responsible for”. It is important to show your vitality with great actions verbs explaining your niche expertise with relevant keywords.

  executive resume examples 20192019 executive resume examples

How to Write Executive Resume 2019: What to Include and What to Skip

Aside from executive resume writing tips sample, it is also essential to know what are the things you need to include and skip in your resume. Here is some essential information you should not miss.

What to include

  • Contact information
  • Professional title
  • Keywords from job posting
  • Achievements and accomplishments
  • Career narrative
  • Credentials and certifications
  • Metrics
  • Verbs
  • Relevant URLs

What to skip

  • Meaningless list of skills
  • Numerous career experience that is not related to the job position
  • Years of experience

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Powerful Words to Use and Not in Executive Resume 2019

What not to use: Words to use
  1. Unemployed

  2. Ambitious

  3. Microsoft Office

  4. Objective

  5. Synergy

  6. Reference Available Upon Request

  7. Rockstar

  8. Dabbled

  9. On Time

  10. Expert

  1. Achieve

  2. Act

  3. Activate

  4. Coordinate

  5. Correspond

  6. Counsel

  7. Depreciate

  8. Describe

  9. Enhance

  10. Ensure

Advice from Expert in Writing Resume

James Hu: Here are some executive resume tips and examples you need to know to construct a unique resume that gets attention.

  • First, ten seconds count: Your CV has only seconds to prove that you are an excellent application that is why you need to make those seconds count. It is essential to focus on resume keywords that hiring managers, recruiters and ATS look for by using resume analysis tools.
  • Link resume to internet presence: It is better to add links to sites of your past employers for the hiring manager see what kind of work you have done in the past. You can also include a link to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Choose prospective employers carefully: Before you write your resume. You need to begin choosing ten to fifteen employees. Read about their activities, challenges, and missions to get an idea if you will become a great candidate for them.
  • Mention essential qualifications:  Your resume should demonstrate your interest in the position by showing how you are fit to the job position by listing some of your qualifications.
  • Provide a summary:  Your career summary should describe your skills and it must be brief. Your experiences should be related to the job which you are applying. Your resume should be specific to you. On the other hand, if you are just new to the field, do not include a career summary because it is not necessary.
  • Do your homework: It is essential to make a research on the position you are applying, especially to find out how your target jobs fit the overall operations of the company. It will help you to evaluate whether you are perfect for the job or not.
  • Focus on future and not on the past: The resume purpose is to show to the employer that you can help them achieve their goals. With that, you need to highlight important things you can accomplish in the position you are applying. Demonstrate your value by listing accomplishment statements.
  • Be straightforward: You need to be clear about any gaps in employment and make sure to be clear on how your previous experience prepared you for your target job.
  • Ask friends and family for advice: You can ask your family and friends to read your resume and get criticism.
  • Make online presence consistent and professional: Your online presence should be consistent with the details that are written in your LinkedIn and other social media accounts.

How to Use Executive Resume Examples 2019 for Resume Writing

By using a sample of executive resume in writing, you can learn from resume mistakes. With it, you will know what achievements fall flat and best to use. Reading samples online helps you to know how to format a long paragraph, what words are best to use and what overused phrases are used by applicants.

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executive resume writing tips

Tricks in Resume Writing on How to Write a Resume for an Executive Assistant Position

  • Choose the right resume format
  • Choose a basic font
  • Include all your contact information
  • Add a profile to your resume
  • Include resume keywords and skills

In writing the resume, you need to include only those recent accomplishments and experiences. You need to know how to write an executive resume to grab the attention of the employer. You can search for examples and tips online for more ideas. Do you need the engineering resume examples 2019? Click here and observe some of them.

Use our executive resume examples 2019 and write an impressive CV today!

Executive Resume Examples 2019 for Your Inspiration