Get Better Results with These Customer Service Resume Examples 2019

You can use customer service resume examples 2019 to be informed on what you need to highlight on your CV or better to hire qualified resume writer to show all your strengths and abilities. Some of the details you need to add include tasks, such as answer phone or email inquiries. You can also review the job description to identify the soft and technical skills that matter to the employer.

Career Overview with Stats

The customer service representative answer service and product questions, suggesting details about other services and provide information about products. Prepare correspondences, fulfill customer needs and process orders are essential to ensure the satisfaction of customers. Looking for the sales resume examples 2019? Observe some of them here.

According to Truity post, about 2.4 million in 2012 were employed in each industry. Numerous work in credit, telephone call centers, banks, insurance agencies, client services coordinators agencies as well as retail stores. The industries that employed customer service representative are as follows:

  • Administrative and support services: 16%
  • Professional, scientific and technical services: 6%
  • Insurance carriers and related activities: 12%
  • Credit intermediation and related activities: 9%

Cities to Work for Customer Service Representatives

  • City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County
  • Atlanta
  • Texas
  • Jamaica

Tips in Writing Customer Service Representative Resume 2019

  • Give examples of how you are good with people: Employers already assumed that applicant have some people skills because they are applying for customer service. Instead of providing a blanket statement, it is better to give examples of how you are good with people and how you handle clients issues.
  • Open a qualification statement: In the qualification section, it is where you need to list any career or awards highlights that inspire readers to continue surveying your resume. Take note that customer service resume is a little bit different because you need to list specific training you have done. Use the qualification section to set up your resume as well as establish expertise in the field of customer service.
  • Professional experience follows qualifications: The time you get the attention of the employer, it is the time to let him know what you have done and where you have been. It is good to include professional experience that is unrelated to customer service because it can provide a look for a well-rounded career.
  • Customer service specific resume: You can increase your chances to get an interview if you make your education details centered on your accomplishments that are related to customer service. You can include certifications you have received or seminars you attended. You can include details about place orders of previous customers.
  • Highlight unique contact with people: The customer service industry is about making strong relationship with people that is why you need to show your ability to build a strong relationship by pointing out things you have, like volunteer work, charitable organizations and others.
  • Include strong customer service skills: Employers are looking for both transferable and directly relevant skills.
  • Strong bullet points: If you quantify your resume with a number, it will become stronger. With numbers, you are giving the employer an idea about your achievements.
  • Include action verbs: Action verbs add punch to your CV helping you to stand out from others. Use words to highlight your communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Be neat: If you fail to write in a clean and organized manner, you will only leave an impression that you are not paying attention to details.
  • Revise: Each resume should be revised for every new job opportunity. Your resume should be revised to keep it up to date.

customer service resume sample 2019

What to Include and Skip in Writing the Resume

What to Include

  • Highlight your most relevant experiences.
  • For applicants who to do not experience, they can list their transferable skills, relevant coursework, and related side projects.
  • Do optimize your resume for applicant tracking systems. To make sure your resume pass the ATS, you need to keep your customer service executive resume format simple, quadruple check for mistakes like spelling and include right keywords.
  • Use data.
  • Include soft skills.
  • Write volunteer or non-work experience.
  • Personal accomplishments

What to Skip

  • Job descriptions with exact wording
  • Information that is confidential
  • Do not write obvious skills
  • Do not include work with controversial organizations

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Customer Service Executive Resume Format 2019: Powerful Words to Use and Words to Avoid

Worst words Powerful words to use
  1. Go-getter

  2. Best of breed

  3. Go-to person

  4. Think outside the box

  5. Synergy

  6. Team player

  7. Results Driven

  8. Detail oriented

  9. Strategic thinker

  10. Hard worker

  1. Improved

  2. Achieved

  3. Mentored/trained

  4. Influenced

  5. Created

  6. Launched

  7. Decreased/increased

  8. Negotiated

  9. Under budget

  10. Generated

Сustomer Service Resume Format 2019: Tips of Resume Writing

Joanna Ireland: Here is advice for applicants looking to come up with the best resume. Aside from knowing resume format for customer service manager, the tips will also help you to\

begin writing your resume.

  • customer service resume exampleKeep it real and succinct: Your resume should fit into two pages of A4 paper. Make sure that your resume format for experienced customer service executive is not more than two pages.
  • Tailor: There is a concept about resume writing that one size fits all and when you are applying to numerous positions, you need to tweak its contents by including key phrases and keywords from the job description.
  • Stay current: Do not forget to write about significant events in your career.
  • Avoid gaps: If you have been out of work, you still need to include it by spinning it positively to your advantage. If you have volunteer experience, taking classes and increase your soft skills in teamwork or management, share it.
  • Make the most of your experience: Incorporating positive and strong language like organized, achieved or developed, connecting communicating and problem-solving skills and experience to what the job seeks – even it was banking or restaurant position – helps.
  • Tell the truth: Lying is not acceptable, especially in writing your resume. As much as possible, you need to stick with the truth about yourself.
  • Error: Invest enough time in proofreading your resume mistakes in spelling, grammar, and formatting mistakes.
  • Data, specifics, and math: It is great to write hard numbers in your resume, such as sales increased by 70%.
  • Looks do count: Image is everything that is why you need to invest time planning the best eye-appealing layout that is easy to follow and organized. You can use a combo bullet and paragraph format.
  • Cater to ATS: ATS looks for buzzwords and industry keywords to make a research on the commonly used words in the job you are applying.

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How to use Resume Examples 2019 Customer Service for Resume Writing

If you do not have any idea on how to get started writing your resume, you can check for samples online. You can use the samples as your guide in writing the resume. Samples give you ideas on what keywords and phrases to include, what format to use, what design looks good and others. It is your help to know what font and font size is great to use to make the resume appealing. It is also your help to know about sample resume format for customer service representative that is perfect for you.

Tricks in Writing the Resume

  • Know the purpose of the resume.
  • Back up strengths and qualities.
  • Use the right keywords.
  • Use effective titles.
  • Proofread it twice.

In writing a resume, you always need to know what the best customer service resume format you will use is. The format you use depends whether you are switching career or not. Finally, before submitting your resume, you need to proofread it to get rid of mistakes and use the resume format customer service correctly.

Check out our customer service resume examples 2019 and write the best CV for customer support today!

Get Better Results with These Customer Service Resume Examples 2019