Get Desired Job with These Business Resume Examples 2019

Business professional jobs never go out of demand. There are always job offers for business analysts, financial managers, marketing and production, operations, service management, and other branches. High demand for businesses means applicants competing for the positions. If you’re a fresh grad from a business school or simply switching companies, these business resume examples 2019 come in handy. This article will help you articulate your qualifications and highlight your skills in business areas such as designing and implementing plans. Are you looking for the teacher resume examples 2019? Observe some of them here.

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Best Ranking Cities for Business Job Seekers

The following are the best cities listed where business professionals come to seek for opportunities. They are selected out of 150 cities in the US.

  1. San Jose, California – Ranked 72/150

  2. Overland Park, Kansas – Ranked 25/150

  3. Minneapolis, Minnesota – Ranked 10/150

  4. Honolulu, Hawaii – Ranked 65

  5. Scottsdale, Arizona – Ranked 22 with employment growth of 3.29% in 2017

  6. Miami, Florida – Ranked 13/150

  7. Salt Lake City, Utah – Ranked 2 with employment growth of 2.89%

  8. Rancho Cucamonga, California – Ranked 89 but with employment growth of 5.76%

  9. San Francisco, California – Ranked 19 and swings with 2.4% economic growth

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Business Resume Tips 2019 for Making an Effective One

  1. Use proper keywords. These words, such as setting strategic goals, are important, as they are the first ones that an automated applicant scanner and hiring managers look for in a resume.

  2. Tailor your resume according to the job. Although there are 2019 business resume examples, you still need to customize your resume to reflect your experiences, skills, and achievements.

  3. Keep it organized. Organize your resume in a way that managers can easily spot the information they need to know about you. Designate sections for personal information, education, experience, and other skills.

  4. Give the numbers. Show your relevant experiences by presenting numbers or statistics that support them as evidence.

  5. Use action words. These are verbs to prove that you are a proactive member of a team. You can learn more from the best business resume templates.

  6. Avoid buzzwords. Words like innovative, customer-oriented, team player and other vague and unquantifiable words make your resume weak. Refer to number 5 tip. Use action words.

  7. Edit. Be sure that your resume is spotless and free from any misleading information, spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

  8. Keep it short. This is not an autobiography so limit information into relevant ones only. Keep it in 2 pages max.

  9. Use legible fonts. Make sure that your resume is easy to read; otherwise, nobody will pay attention to it. Your document can stand out without using horrible fonts.

  10. Get rid of ‘References Available Upon Request’ statement. This is just a waste of space and time. As an applicant, you have to make sure that your references are available at all times.

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Things to Put into and Get Rid in a Resume

The things you put on your resume reflect your character as a person and as a professional. So you want to keep it that way. Make sure that the experience you include is all business related. If you’re a fresh grad with nothing much to include in experience section, you can use your on-the-job training and co-curricular activities related to your course.

For applicants who have been working for a while, including your key accomplishments such as publications (if any). For your competencies, you can include your skills to gather, analyze and interpret external and internal data, managerial, and implementation.

On the other hand, avoid including any too personal information about yourself such as your social media account, nicknames, personal interest, political, and religious views. Also, do not include irrelevant skills and experiences.

Top 10 Powerful Words to Use

Words to use Words not to use
  1. Accomplished

  2. Established

  3. Implemented

  4. Lead

  5. Managed

  6. Organized

  7. Projected

  8. Streamlined

  9. Strengthened

  10. Won

  1. Best-of-breed

  2. Detail-oriented

  3. Dynamic

  4. Flexible

  5. Hard worker

  6. Helped

  7. Highly qualified

  8. Result-oriented

  9. Strong communication skills

  10. Team player

10 Pieces of Advice from the Expert

Hiring and recruitment experts give advice on how to write a standout a resume. Among these experts include Mildred Talabi, Lori Staggs, Elaine Boylan, Claire Leslie, and Michele Ramsey. Janet Raiffa, Kim L. Whiteside, and Melissa Roberts also added some insights.

  1. Sell yourself. Resume writing is about boasting about your accomplishments, skills, and experiences. However, you must go easy on it and make sure that you don’t sound arrogant. Avoid using too many personal pronouns like ‘I’ and ‘me.

  2. Keep it clean and concise. Be straightforward and avoid vague words. Delete any unnecessary and irrelevant information like personal interests.

  3. Use action words. They are looking for proactive candidates and you need to prove you are one. For more action words, refer to the list above.

  4. Manage your content. Although the layout is important it is the content that you should pay more attention to. Use simple and easy to understand sentences.

  5. Use professional business resume templates 2019. If you can’t decide which template to use, try consulting an online template. Just make sure that you tailor it according to your own experiences and skills.

  6. Edit. Make sure that there are no inaccuracies, typos, grammar or even punctuation errors on your resume. An erroneous content raises a red flag to managers.

  7. More accomplishments fewer responsibilities. Business resume tips 2019 promote highlighting your accomplishments and not just responsibilities. State your significant contributions to the company.

  8. Quantify. Vague language such as various, responsible for, and hardworking do not impress employers. They want solid evidences like numbers and action words about your achievements.

  9. Customize. Tailor your resume according to the job position you are applying for and to the reader.

  10. Organize. Divide your resume into sections to help the employer spot the right information immediately.

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Using samples

Free professional business resume templates and samples help applicants organize their CVs. However, there are some key points you must remember. First, use them as guides but try to customize. Second, avail free samples online. Third, save them on your computer. And lastly, edit them before submitting.

Resume Tricks

  1. Read it aloud. Editing your own work can be difficult so experts advise to read it aloud to spot any error.

  2. Spell check. Running a spell check on your computer also helps in minimizing glaring errors.

  3. Formats are editable. You can use widely available formats but you can still customize it according to your own preference.

  4. Keep it simple. One of the major business resume tips 2019 is to simplify your CV. Use basic fonts and limit it to 2 pages.

  5. Use professional email address. You want to be a pro, do it like a pro. Avoid using cute and funny email ads.

Writing your own CV can be difficult but with the help of business resume tips 2019 free, you can easily construct your own document. Your next business interview is just around the corner, make it happen using your most persuasive resume!

Don’t be left behind in the job application. Choose from our best business resume examples 2019 today!

Get Desired Job with These Business Resume Examples 2019