Latest 2019 Resume Format

When it comes to resume format 2019, it is important to include personal information, and other essential sections of the resume to grab the attention of the employer. To get an interview, make sure to use the best format as well. For a guide, keep reading.

Statistical Facts about Professional Resume Format 2019

According to resume format blog, design matters when it comes to resume format. Adding a small pop of color in a great way to spice things up, says Dana Leavy- owner of the Brooklyn Resume Studio. She also said – applicants need to put thought into the font that you choose. Using Times New Roman is boring and outdated, but a sleek and clean font provides a good presentation.

In the article statistics about resume, a resume format should not be longer than two pages, and it should have 10 to 12 point font size. The margins should be one inch and the career summary should not be more than three to five lines.

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Good Resume Format 2019: All Formats of Resume

Chronological: The chronological resume format is a traditional format that is commonly used by applicants. It is mostly preferred by employers because it outlines the applicant experience in an orderly and clear manner. In this format, it lists education and experience in a reverse chronological order, by listing the most recent first. The reverse chronological order makes it easy for potential hiring managers to see applicant highest level of achievements. Chronological is the best resume format for 2019 that you can use if you have solid years of experience.

Sample: Content professional experience

Functional: The functional format resume 2019 is the opposite of chronological format. Instead of focusing on the work history, this format focuses on the accomplishments and skills of the applicant. It is not as popular of the chronological format.  If you are changing careers or a new graduate without much experience, you can use this format.

Sample: Functional resume

Hybrid or combination: It is the combination of functional and chronological resumes. Hybrid format highlight accomplishment and skills just as much as it highlights applicant professional experience. It is a way of displaying applicant skills at the same time highlighting professional achievements.

Sample: Hybrid resume

Infographics samples for resumes

You can also use a video CV if you are submitting your resume online. There are employers who prefer video resume, especially if they do not have much time to read.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Resume Formats 2019

Chronological format:


  • Useful for applicants applying within the same industry because it demonstrates his career progression

  • Favorite format of most hiring managers, who want to know about applicant career to date


  • For applicants who have gaps in their employment, the chronological good resume format 2019 make it more obvious.

  • If the applicant is changing the career direction, the chronological resume adds fewer details for your hiring manager, who will be more concerned about your transferable skills.

Functional CV


  • For applicants who have changed jobs frequently, their experience is a mish-mash of unrelated posts. If you have career gaps, functional resume helps you to emphasize what you can offer as a whole.

  • For applicants changing the industry, functional resume helps the employers to focus on their transferable skills.

  • For mature applicants, the functional resume takes the spotlight away from their age.


  • If you do not have much work experience, you will have a hard time highlighting your achievements in a separate section.

  • The functional resume does not allow you to highlight your career progression. If you want to show your career progression, you need to adapt the chronological format.

Combined resume


  • Perfect format for applicants who have strong career progression with numerous achievements

  • Enables applicants to sell their strengths and experience


  • Lengthier than chronological or functional resume

  • Failing to get the attention as one resume

  • Not appropriate for applicants with few achievements or less experience

  • Not suitable for applicants with employment gaps

Predictions for Resume 2019

Here are some predictions for resume 2019.

  • List of the applicant core competencies is featured at the top: It allows the reader to easily scan the top portion of the resume and get a great sense of applicant capabilities.

  • Every role is split into key achievements and responsibilities: Under every job title is a brief description explaining applicant responsibilities in a certain role. Underneath the description is a bullet point highlighting applicant relevant and noteworthy contributions. In describing contributions and accomplishments, be clear and specific.

  • Details are quantified: Include numbers as much as possible, whether describing the events number that applicant organizes, number of individuals you managed or budget size. Sections in CV should include these details.

  • Applicants used their work experience in showing the progression: Applicants list their work experience in a reverse chronological order, but in 2019, applicants want to see more details about their achievements and roles because it is tied to their job goals.

  • Education section moved to the end of the resume: The education section will be placed at the bottom of the resume. For applicants who have been in the workplace, their skills and experience you have developed should be the center stage in your resume.

Most Popular Resume Format 2019

Many individuals make the mistake of thinking that the purpose of the resume is to get them a job. The truth is that the resume opens and closes doors, wherein the main purpose is to make the hiring manager interested enough to invite applicants for an interview. That’s why one must come up with an impressive resume.

If you are asking what is the best format to use in 2019, then the chronological format is the answer. Nowadays, the chronological resume is the most popular format that applicants used. Chronological resume contains career summary or statement. It is also about listing the applicant’s employers with accomplishments. It is being written from the most recent to past. Additionally, education information is being included with special skills and certifications. A chronological resume is perfect for a person who is experienced, but for people switching career or entering a workforce for the first time, this resume type will not be of much help to get an interview.

Looking for the sales resume examples 2019? Observe some of them here!

Best Format to Use in 2019

  • The chronological format is logical and employers love logical thinkers. Employers do not want applicants who are illogical thinkers who think it is normal to list their experiences erratically. To have the best result, you need to use a reverse chronological order, wherein you will list your present work and job backward.

  • Chronological newest resume format 2019 makes an applicant more readable and presentable and an employer will like to see the applicant’s most recent job – as opposed to the experience of babysitting that the applicant did back in 1992.

  • Current resume format 2019: Lose the summary objective – For old resume format, applicants put it at the top of their resume. The truth is that you do not need to have an objective summary because it is just a fluff. Keep in mind that the employer cares only about your career summary.

  • Use MS Word: Applicants might think that because they are soon to be in 2019, they no longer need to use MS Word. The thing is that MS Word is still a good way in writing and preparing applicants resume. Each computer can view MS Word document, so rather than risking your application in an inaccessible document, you need to play safe by knowing what the best software to use is.

  • Lose the personal information: Married with two kids? Enjoy soccer at night? Either is not essential for your resume. You can tell it to your friends, but not to the employers. Employers want to know applicant stats, percentages, and number. They do not want to know about applicant children or marital status.

  • Education does not come first: Did you remember the days when you need to place your education before your work experience? Those days are already gone. Today, hiring managers want to see applicants work experience. They want to know about applicant’s number, accomplishment, and skills. It is no longer matter much what grade you got in your English in high school. What matters today is the workplace.

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Quotes from Expert about Resume 2019

Are you looking for quotes to be included in your resume to make it more personal? If you like to include quotes that were written by real persons, you need to keep it brief (about three sentences).

Adding positive quotes about your work in your resume, you are showing hiring managers that others think highly of you. The truth is that quotes convey an applicant’s work ethic and personality in a convincing and compelling way. If you describe yourself as “a hardworking person with a great understanding of marketing,” your resume will look common. Also, the employer has no way to figure out how truthful your claims, but if you include a quote, it will make a big difference.

Trista Winnie: If you are ready to write your resume, there are quotes you can read for motivations.

  • “There is a great power in words if you do not hitch much of them together”- Josh Billings

  • “The simpler you say it, the more eloquent it is”- August Wilson

In writing the resume, you need to make it concise and use proper key resume words 2019. Your sentences should not contain unnecessary words. It is essential to make your resume short as much as possible. Finally, proper resume format 2019 gives you the chance to get the attention of the employer, so make sure to follow the latest trends in formatting.

Learn from these tips and tricks and write the best 2019 resume format today!

Latest 2019 Resume Format